Worried About a Mold Invasion in Your Building?

Schedule mold remediation services in the McKinney, TX area

Mold is not only dangerous for the structure of your home and business, but it's also a threat to the people who reside there. To protect your property and health, reach out to ATS RESTORATION & CONSTRUCTION, LLC as soon as you notice mold in your building. We'll provide professional mold remediation services in McKinney, TX or the surrounding areas.

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Remove malicious mold in 3 easy steps

When you schedule mold remediation services, what can you expect from our crew? Our process includes the following steps:

  • Inspection - at the first sign of mold, hire our experts to inspect your property thoroughly
  • Protocol creation - once we've located the source of the problem, an industrial hygienist will write up a remediation protocol
  • Remediation - after the protocol is approved, we'll isolate all affected areas to contain the mold and provide abatement services

Finally, our hygienist will come back to complete an air quality test to make sure the problem is solved. Rest assured that your property is safe by hiring our mold remediation company today.