Your Beautiful Building Isn't Gone for Good

Leave your fire damage restoration job to our team in McKinney, TX

In the panic of the moment, your main concerns will be putting out the fire and getting everyone out of your burning building. But once the flames die down, you'll wonder how to fix this damage. That's easy. Reach out to the experts at ATS RESTORATION & CONSTRUCTION, LLC to schedule fire damage restoration services.

Not only will we fix features that were damaged by the flames, but we'll also provide smoke damage mitigation services in the McKinney, TX area.

If your property has gone up in flames, call 214-856-3170 ASAP.

Here's what you need to know about us

Want to learn more about our services? Check out these commonly asked questions:

  • How soon can we get to your property? We'll usually arrive within four hours of your call.
  • How will we prepare for your job? We'll inspect your property, snap photos of the damage, take measurements and draft up an estimate.
  • How will we restore your property? We'll remove non-salvageable sections and contain smoke damage using an encapsulation process. Afterward, we'll install deodorization chambers and start cleaning and restoring salvageable items.

For more information about our fire damage restoration and smoke damage mitigation services, contact us today.